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DEVELOPMENT    (Return to top of page)

  • REPORT on a strategy for energy and environmental planning and design  for sustainable development  of a  proposed integrated sustainable village community of up to 3000 houses, with business centre, schools, shops and community facilities

The requirement was for a proposal for a new community that would be a model for the 21st century – zero carbon dioxide emission, low waste, non-polluting, low energy consumption, and low in demand on water resources. At the same time the buildings and surroundings had to be familiar in style and construction. The aim was to establish a community that would be in the forefront of sustainable development.

This report proposed that the new village has its own combined power and heat generation plant. The village would be fuelled by energy crops from surrounding farmland. The proposal would regenerate the rural economy both by the harvesting of crops for the new village and by establishing a precedent for further farming of energy crops.

Houses and other buildings would approach the energy targets of the guidance through careful design to Best Practice standards, by maximising solar benefit, and by using construction methods that anticipate future Building Regulations energy amendments. Solar or photovoltaic collectors on homes are proposed, increasing in number through the decade. Below ground district heating pipes convey heat from the power plant to homes and other buildings. Low water demand targets would be met by incorporating rainwater-harvesting tanks with every dwelling and by grey water systems.

Occupants would find a place with comfort, social contact, a sense of ownership, and a unique identity.

In order to display a recognised energy and environmental standard, the report proposed that housing would be designed to an EcoHomes rating in the range Very Good to Excellent.

  • BRE STUDY – EcoHomes Assessment for a development

An assessment of the EcoHomes rating of the development. The report finds that, with minor revisions throughout the documents and verification of information, an assessment could show an EcoHomes rating of “…..” (deleted for confidentiality – ratings range from Good to Excellent)

The report also indicated actions that could raise the rating to “……..” (ditto)


  • BRECSU Design Advice Study – University of Bath, student residences (CHP, water source heat pump, photo-voltaic panels
  • BRECSU Design Advice Study – Bristol University, Exercise & Health Centre (photo-voltaic, solar energy)
  • Study – Earth Shelter house

INFRASTRUCTURE   (Return to top of page)

  • Military site – rationalisation study for extensive site and subsidiary sites, of the order of 1000 buildings.
  • Military sites – BMS and Energy monitoring and targeting study for about 80 sites each with several hundred buildings
  • Bristol City Council – energy monitoring study and implementation for about 30 blocks and community facilities
  • North Somerset Council – investigation of legionella risks for 8 blocks of flats

COMMUNITY  (Return to top of page)

  • BRECSU Design Advice – Hestors Way Community Centre, Gloucester
  • BRECSU Design Advice – Sunnyside medical centre – Clevedon
  • Reports – Community trusts and Village Halls, for Community Action
  • Project Management – Kingston Seymour Village Hall.

Survey of 120 households, public relations, successful applications for grants based on environmental and community criteria, design of project, implementation, feedback

HOUSING  (Return to top of page)

  • SAP rating and building regulations Part L (Energy) assessments for several hundred homes
  • Student apartments, University of West of England and University of Bath, energy studies and design
  • EcoHomes assessment of housing development – for BRE

LEISURE   (Return to top of page)

Swimming pools – energy investigation and implementation of improvements – Burnham on Sea, Clifton High School, Sidcot School (design of new centre).

  • BRECSU site energy assessments – Swimming Pool, Leisure Centre, City Hall (including solar water heating recommendations)


RVEYS  (Return to top of page)

CustomerNature of WorkContract Size
District CouncilSite Energy Assessments; Entertainment Centre, Swimming Pool, Leisure Centre£61,000 current energy spendsavings identified about 20%
City CouncilEnergy Monitoring Project for Council propertiesEnergy surveys, Printing & Stationery Department, Training Centre.33 sub-100kW sites in progressCapital contracts about £110,000
Bristol University, University of Bath, St Justin Jewellery Ltd, Community Centre, Vutrix Ltd, and othersDesign Advice ReportsExercise & Health Centre, Jewellery Factory, Electronics factory, Chemistry department, student residences, Community Resource Centre, SurgeryTypical £40,00 to £20,000 pa energy spend. Cost & emissions reduced by 30-35%.
Vehicle Inspectorate Agency3 Energy surveys Vehicle Test CentresAbout £15,000 energy spend. Cost & emissions reduced by 20-25%.
Local AuthorityTown Hall – Replacement of Control Panel, Specification of improvements to heating and ventilation systems for improved efficiency and comfortTotal capital contracts about £30,000
MODBEMS & M&T Report on options for reduction of energy/water use by BEMS and M&T at Military SitesEnergy spend £M3.5Capital contract £280,000.Savings 2.5%
NHS TrustEnergy Surveys – hospitals/centres, Pathology Department,Mental health Centre,Acute Mental Illness UnitEnergy spend £125,000Cost/emissions reduced by 20-35%.
Royal MailEnergy surveys, – Sorting Offices, Workshops, Automatic parcels sorting office, Technology Centre, LaboratoriesEnergy spend about £600,000Cost/emissions reduced typically by 25%.
High School, City Council, District CouncilSwimming Pools – Energy reports/ surveys, design of improvementsCapital costs £20,000 to £100,000