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KCE provides specialist consultancy in design of buildings and developments that are sustainable, low in carbon dioxide emission, low waste, non-polluting, low energy consumption, and low in demand on water resources; places where occupants find comfort, social contact, a sense of ownership, and a special identity.

BACKGROUND – the global picture

In 2000, the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution reported that a global reduction of use of energy of 60% will be necessary by 2050 to prevent a catastrophic change of climate. In 2001, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reported that the effect on rising sea levels was now believed to be even worse than previously thought. The Cabinet Office Energy Review of 2002 recommended a 20% improvment in UK energy efficiency by 2010 and a further 20% by 2020.  
Development has to look forward into the middle of the 21st century. Environmental standards should reflect our responsibility to consider future generations whilst catering for the present. Our design guidance reflects this vision and commitment.  OUR OBJECTIVES

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To create communities and working environments that fulfil the sustainable development objectives and principles of the 21st century.

The attributes we work towards may be summarised:

  • Optimise use of renewable energy
  • Low energy use
  • Low water use
  • Minimised waste and pollution
  • Green construction


KCE’s approach to energy and resources is based on two main considerations:

1 The finite nature of all energy and material resources and hence on the need for sustainable development to conserve them.

2 The damage to the environment and economy caused by greenhouse gases (principally carbon dioxide from carbon based energy production), by pollution damage from materials used in construction, and by the effects of built development on ecosystems. Hence on the means of eliminating or alleviating this damage.


KCE work to the standards inherent in the BRE EcoHomes environmental rating method


KCE work to the BRE DESIGN ADVICE method  


A full report with key data on social, economic, resources  and environmental aspects of construction, particularly sustainable construction,  can be downloaded by clicking here: order to view the .pdf file you may need to download Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website